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Improve your Aromatherapy with Bulbnrose

Rosenbulb guide to better aromatherapy and essential oils uk

Improving your aromatherapy techniques

Welcome to the RosenBulb guide to improving your aromatherapy. In order to improve aromatherapy we must ask ourselves what is aromatherapy in this guide we will go through the basics first, and then we will cover and help you improve your aromatherapy at home and at work.

Aromatherapy, The Basics

Aromatherapy is one of the best alternative forms of holistic therapy, during aromatherapy we practise the use of essential oils, soft towels, a pleasant atmosphere and music with the addition of an Oil Diffuser. The fundamental idea of aromatherapy is to get the subject (or yourself) into a state of relaxation so that you can be yourself, be mindful and reconnect with yourself. During aromatherapy the use of essential oils, are, ironically – essential. The use of essential oils have a dynamic effect on the mind and body, they have been used for thousands of years but where lost amongst modern medicine. In the past if you mentioned using essential oils in the aiding of healing, relaxing or calming the body, you may have been met with an odd look. Luckily, aromatherapy is now starting to be embraced in everyday life, especially now that after years of research we are starting to see that using modern medicine is not always the best answer, and seeking a natural alternative is healthier for the body.

Essential Oils

For those that do not have any past experience with essential oils, we will quickly educate you. Essential oils are liquids made from different extraction processes, which ultimately, will result in an oil substance or “essential oil”. Essential oils are then highly concentrated with all the good stuff from certain plants, lavender, chamomile, tea tree, rose for example. There is so much research out there to prove the healing properties of these oils and we will cover it in the future in another post, but for now only the basics are needed.

So we know the basics, what now?

So now you know the basics we can move onto the juicy bit, improving your aromatherapy technique. How should the room look you ask, firstly the room you select should not be busy with too much clutter or unnecessary furniture. Its good practise to clear the room of any unwanted items every time you can, the room should also be as quiet as possible as to not cause any stress from unwanted noise. Now we recommend that you select the right oil to start out with in your session. Lavender oil is a brilliant go-to start oil, it is not too expensive, smells great and has amazing calming effects. It smells great to! So you have your subject in your room, you have your essential oils ready, the room is starting to become a nirvana for aromatherapy. So now is time to introduce some candle light or lowly lit dim lights, to set the mood right, the room should be similar to that of a massage room. Okay, you have your room, you have your oils, and you have your lighting… what next? Next is music and sound. You should be talking to your subject in a soft voice and trying to keep the tone of noise nice and soothing, any external noises should be reduced to a minimum. Its good practise to make a playlist for your songs or noises that you need to use, we personally use Spotify to find out relaxation music, there is a plethora of artists to choose from and the “start radio” option is great as it can start a new playlist completely related to the song you choose. If you are still stuck, try searching ‘Marconi Union’ an excellent artist in this subject.


Okay now you have read and followed the above instructions you are ready to start your aromatherapy treatments. We personally have found that women prefer skin treatments, detox and facial treatments. Men tend to prefer muscle massages and scrub/wrap treatments. It is important for you to ask your subject what they want and guide them through there choices.

Creating a Garden for your Healthy, Organic ventures

creating a garden to grow herbs for essential oils uk

Gardening can be a healthy hobby that not only provides exercise but will present to you lovely healthy food to eat as well. People considering starting a garden often debate how large a space they need. Planning a garden space requires considering several issues, and you should always make a plan on just what you are planning on growing. Some people are only going to want to grow flowers, but it is also normal for some people to want to grow organic vegetables, organic herbs and flowers etc.

Available Space

Obviously, the garden cannot be bigger than the yard of the property of which you own, which can sometimes be a problem because money is concerned, if you do not have enough money to buy a bigger property but you are serious about gardening it may be worth looking at renting or buying an allotment. An allotment is a small piece of land which is usually not allowed to be used as building land. Allotments tend to be a large field which is divided into several areas, and the owners or renters of the areas usually make their own sheds or sometimes they will put a caravan on the land so they have a base for all of their gardening needs. It is also very important to note that the shed, outhouse or caravan must be securely locked as allotments can be very attractive for thieves.

So now we can talk about how the garden should be set out, firstly if you have children you may want to take into very careful consideration that they will want areas for their toys and for playing. If your children are into playing football or baseball this will drastically change how you lay out your garden as you will need a lot of space of these activities. Another fact you may have to consider is that your children may be allergic to some flowers so it is very important that you check your children’s allergies before going ahead and planting, even in the organic world there is still some things that can harm us so we need to take extra care especially in regards to the little ones.

Planned Garden Plants

Different types of garden crops have different space requirements. A simple salad garden with lettuce, a few tomato plants, peppers and cucumbers may require little space. Growing vine crops such as muskmelon or watermelon requires larger spaces. A full, general purpose garden might require a considerable space if the owner intends to feed a large family and maybe provide excess to neighbours or friends. Draw out a plan of what will be included in the garden and size the garden space appropriately.

With all this taken into regard you also need to consider that growing certain crops such as root vegetables, and large beds of bean flowers etc can sometimes not be very aesthetically pleasing. When using a garden for growing organic crops the fact that the garden may not look as you want it to, very pretty and lots of colour for example, may not be achievable. A big part of getting into an organic life is coming to terms with the fact that these vegetables, organic root and herbs may not make your garden look as beautiful as you may like. You will have to brag about your healthy life style now instead of your pretty garden!

Protecting your Crops, flowers and herbs

So now you have the required information for planning out your garden you are going to need to consider how you are going to protect your crops from harm. Although we  tote about how amazing the organic, home grown lifestyle is, sometimes it is not highlighted enough that these crops are often very easily damaged. There are 3 main situations where you may encounter the most danger.

Number 1 is the most simple to control, and that damage is damage by humans, and quite bluntly – it’s usually children. Children can quite easily damage your crops when playing with each other or playing sports, footballs being kicked into the garden and children running around is a very quick way for crops to start getting damaged. Adults can also be quite a big problem when it comes to protecting your gardens crops, if you are having people over and perhaps starting introducing alcohol into the occasion people can start walking onto your crops, although it may accidental it is still very annoying to see all your hard work getting hurt by big people human. The best way that we can recommend for you to avoid this is to use fencing and gates to stop people from physically trampling your crops.

Number 2 is a little more tricky to control, and that is animal damage. Animal damage can come from several different sources, wild animals and domestic animals. There are controls that you can put in place to help you with domesticated animals, for example; cages, fences, dog house etc. What is not so easy is trying to control wild animals, they will be attracted to your tasty organic crops. We recommend that you seek professional help when tackling wild animals, although several methods are available to buy from hardware stores.

Number 3 is bugs, pests and mould. These are going to be the most difficult things you will face in your home gardening adventure, lucky for you we will aim to have as much information as we can to help you in these problems on this website. The reason why these will be hard for you is because when growing organic crops you are going to be trying to grow without using genetically modified versions of the plants or herbs that you are cultivating. You can find more information about looking after organic crops, without using pesticides here, this is a link from the soil association one of the leading helpers in organic life style.

Time Commitment

Big gardens require big time commitments. If you feel like work and family commitments will limit your amount of time in the garden, it may be best to start off with a smaller garden; this is highly advisable. For example a small salad garden requires little time, compared to a large garden space, and can still provide treats for the table on an almost daily basis. A salad garden will still help you with your journey into a healthy life, and should provide you with a plethora of different salad items. If you are planning on going into a salad garden we definitely suggest that you look into also mixing in some herbs. Herbs can be great for both cooking and if you grow enough of them it is possible to make essential oils from them which will provide you with even more benefits in your new healthy organic life style.

Please be realistic with your time allocation, if you are retired then you will obviously have more time but if you are working or have a full time job especially,  staying on top of things may cause a great deal of stress. To conclude planting loads and loads of different crops and filling up the garden is great but you will soon become disheartened if you find that you do not have the time to maintain it.

What Type of Plants to have in your Garden

What types of plants to have for an Organic Garden

What types of plants to grow in your garden

Having a backyard garden is a growing trend, gardening used to be associated with old people and was viewed as a very boring hobby. That was until recent times, many things have contributed to the growing popularity of people between 25-35 turning their hand to gardening. We personally believe that the economy crashing in 2008 played a significant part to play for this, people during this time where left without the funds or sometimes even the accessibility of fresh fruit and vegetables. The troubling part of a crashing economy is that even if there is not much money in people’s pockets, the likes of Tesco’s, Asda, Waitrose etc will not lower their prices. Queue home gardening. Home gardening gave people the freedom to grow their own crops, which massively saves lots of money over time. As well as saving money on your personal shopping when you grow enough crops it gives you the ability to start selling your produce which is great for your financial income during rough times. We also recommend that you try and find a community of other avid gardeners, and then you can trade your surplus with each other.

Economic crashes are not the only reason why we you should grow plants in your garden. The ever growing concerns of illnesses connected to genetically modified produce has turned many people to backyard gardening. With organic growing you can ensure and control what goes into your crops, and in turn this means that you can control what goes into your mouth. It is absolutely no doubt that there are benefits to eating organically grown produce, why else would big super markets charge you more for these products, for example organically grown vegetables can costs two times as much in a shop, but ironically they will costs far less if you grow them yourself. Another great point about growing your own organic produce is that you can control which pesticides that you are using (if any). We all know that pesticides are not a good thing to be pumping into food crops, they can be damaging to health, a study shows the correlation between pesticides and some really nasty illnesses, tragically cancer too. This in itself should give the budding home gardener the boost he or she needs to get growing them organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.

One trick that is not massively known is that there are combinations of growing vegetables and flowers together can create themselves natural herbicides. Having vegetables and flowers in the same garden can be beneficial to both. Planting dill and chives for example will attract beneficial insects to control plant-eating pests. Planting garlic is said to help keep marauding squirrels out of the garden. Planting legumes such as peas and lentils will aid the soil for flowering plants and other herbs and vegetables. Legumes will draw nitrogen from the air and through its root system deposit it into the soil. It should be highly noted that nitrogen is critical for proper plant development.

Finally one of the biggest blessing a gardener can have is Bees. Gardeners can never have enough bees, there is absolutely no downside to having bees in your garden. Planting flowering plants in the vegetable garden will attract bees for pollination, and although we will not go into detail in this article about bees in the garden, if you have the space for it getting into beekeeping could be of interest to you. What is great about bee keeping is that you will be able to produce your own honey, and you can ensure that it is organic and not contaminated by added sugar in honey. What was once seen as a conspiracy has been proven that large honey companies mix honey with sugar and sell it off as natural, organic etc this is one of the biggest lies told by supermarkets. Please check out the article as it is a real eye opener into the hidden world of honey.

Vegetables are not the only thing that can be grown in a garden, of course the option to grow salad produce and fruits is also there. Tomatoes for example are an excellent choice for the beginner gardener, they grow in a variety of soils and are considered to be easy to maintain. In regards to other fruits melons require a sandy and loosely packed soil that drains well, which may be considered advanced in comparison to some vegetables. Melons because of their size and vines require plenty of space, which needs to be taken into thought before beginning to grow. Cucumbers grow well and add colourful flowers to any garden, but please keep in mind that cucumbers require a lot of water and proper cultivation. Cucumbers can be controlled by training them to grow up a trellis which is an absolute blessing for space-limited gardens.

So now you have this information what will you do with it? We hope that we have given you the boost needed to start organising that brilliant garden you have been planning, and in time we hope that you see your health and finances blossom from the benefits of growing and eating your own organic products.

Check out this video to help further improve your gardening techniques

Improve your gardening