About Us

Bulbnrose started out originally offline, in 2009 when a local community of friends and gardening enthusiasts found themselves passing on knowledge by form of writing on pen and paper, and then progressing into email lists and then onto social media. It wasnt until the year 2018 when one of the founders of bulbnrose decided that it was time to take the information online so it could be more easily distributed to people. That’s when the idea for the website came, which was no easy task as you will find out. So we decided to make a website, but none of us are tech savvy people.. how do we do it? Well originally we had no idea, it took us several months of research and study (and a little help from outsiders) to work out how we actually set something like this up. Well luckily enough here we are, and we are lucky to have such a fitting website domain name and also its dot com, which I am told is very oo-lala. We are now the proud owners of our own website, and we do not plan to let it go to waste we will be updating it as much as possible, although the we do have our own lives! So that brings me quite nicely into the next question that you may ask….

Who is Bulbnrose? We are a team of people that are dedicated to helping the world with all things aromatherapy, natural, organic and healthy! We work to keep you informed and updated on all the latest news and write healthy posts that are (hopefully) enjoyable for you to read!

Our areas of expertise are as follows;




Organic/Healthy lifestyle

Our Mission

Many people ask us, “what is your mission, what is your aim?” and we can answer that quite simply. We want to make the world a better place, and we believe by informing the world with information concerning a path to better health, that we can help the world. This can take forms in many ways, whether it be by helping people with there aromatherapy techniques, or simply showing them how to create a beautiful garden, whatever it is rest assured we will be here to help.

Why do you do it?

A simple question, why do we do it? Well we dont do it for money, because quite simple we are a non-profit just doing this as a hobby to provide decent and nice information to find, consume and hopefully practise. Anyway, there is a simple answer to the question, we enjoy helping other people. At the minute we are a small team who aims to update the website as much as possible, and also we are looking to branch out into other forms of communication such as social media. Another truth is that most of the team are retired, single mums or we do not have 9-5 to jobs which gives us the freedom to work on the website and article writing. We look forward to sharing all of our endeavours with you and we hope you enjoy reading them equally.

Join Us

If you are looking to join and be part of the team, as many people have contacted us to join us, and want to help us contribute we are welcome to all offers.

Although we would love to have everyone on board we are looking for people who specialise in Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and organic food cooking recipes. If you fit the description then please use the contact us page to get in touch!


We Aim to Help 1000's!